Difference Between cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin

Difference Between cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin

No matter the need for a Linux VPS server, dedicated server, or shared hosting.
Today the two control panels are ruling the world i.e. cPanel and Plesk. Meanwhile,
there is a third great contender named DirectAdmin facing new heights as well.
All three panels offer amazing odds to manage the servicer. Without any need for the
instruct lines. That may sound tricky to exercise. Moreover, selecting the best and
suitable one is hard. As relocating from one place to another is costly and
To make the choice quicker and your work more simple. Let us dive into the
differences of each one of them in more detail. And compare them in accordance to
a user interface, security, functionality, usage, and pricing.

User interface differences

cPanel: The cPanel with WHM allows flexibility, power, and a big number of options as well as frontend and backend. It makes the interface more twisted and very difficult to manage. As compared to Plesk and DirectAdmin.

Meanwhile, the cPanel uses the UI latest javascript technology.

Plesk: Plesk attributes are lined up in a list down and it offers more choices when clicked.

Plesk’s comprehensive and user-friendly online interface allows web hosting customers to accomplish a wide range of operations with ease.

DirectAdmin: Direct admin OS interface is effortless of all given control panels. And DirectAdmin uses this reality as one of the main selling points.

The difference in OS compatibility

cPanel: cPanel Only supports Linux systems and is compatible with Redhat, Cloudlinux, and CentOS. For this reason, if one is more used to it and agreeable with Linux servers. Then He/She will need to deepen the information of the Linux working system.

Plesk: Plesk offers an elevated variety of OSes. It not only assists CentOS, RedHat, and CloudLinux, but Ubuntu, Debian, and OpenSUSE as well. It is the only one that Supports Windows System.

DirectAdmin: Directadmin is like cPanel running on Linux-based systems – Debian, RedHat, CentOS, And FreeBSD. Consequently, the pros of DirectAdmin will benefit the ones who chose Linux server hosting. And It offers better support for Linux environmental products

Functionality differences

cPanel: The cPanel differs from Plesk and DirectAdmin because of its possible merger with WHM.
Two of these units polish the server’s management and productivity. With that, it allows it to manage the sites, monitor and infinite user accounts.
At the same time empowering database management and various reports. WHM opens the probabilities to use the functions not obtainable for Cpanel users only.

Plesk: The Plesk requires many sanctions to carry out the series of actions.
If you compare the functionality of all three Panel they all have configurable reseller hosting packages, many language packs, etc.
Yet Plesk is the only one offering several IPs per domain, external MySQL servers, and external file servers.

DirectAdmin: Similarly, on the other side the Directadmin alone needs many permissions to carry out the chain of actions.

Price comparison

cPanel: The Licencing Price for cPanel may Differ on whether you are installing it on a Dedicated server Or VPS. For Dedicated Server licensing It would Cost around $425 per year, whereas it would cost almost half for VPS server licensing as it would cost $200 per year.

In Addition to this, cPanel also has phone support which includes an unlimited number of calls until the incident is resolved. It would cost $65 per incident.

Plesk: Similar to cPanel, Plesk also offers different prices for Dedicated servers and VPS servers. But Plesk also offers different types of licenses according to the number of domain usage. The lowest cost is $4 for 5 Domains.

In Addition to this, Plesk offers free tech support.

DirectAdmin: Directadmin is the only OS that permits the purchase of licenses. That offers justification for an indefinite period with unlimited functionality.
DirectAdmin has two unique money charging schemes. One for VPS and the other for Dedicated servers.

the unlimited license for DirectAdmin only includes support for 90 days.


Final thoughts

Every Panel differs in the user interface, reliability, utility, efficacy, and pricing. The final verdict should be based on personal needs and suppositions.
Cpanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin all offer many exceptional services, functions. And tools for victorious and efficient Server management. Because of their variations, individual demands can be met, and situations will be settled on.

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